Act like a jackass, if you have the nerve. Drink up the water, get what you deserve. Be wicked, be naughty, come drink from my Fountain: And then I'll be rich, "King of the Mountain" - Lorenzini, overseeing the misdeeds in his pleasure park

Lorenzini is the main antagonist of the 1996 fantasy film The Adventures of Pinocchio. He schemed to steal Pinocchio from Geppetto and make him into a star of his puppet show.

Lorenzini likes chilly peppers and he enjoys destroying his puppets during the puppet show. But when Pinocchio escaped - Lorenzini sets off to find and capture him. Lorenzini was defeated when Pinocchio's friend Lampwick (who has transformed into a donkey) kicked him into the enchanting fountain that some bad boys dranked from. Lorenzini transformed into a monstrous whale. He had swallowed Geppetto alive. So - Pinocchio came to his rescue. As the two climbed up to get out of the beast - Pinocchio tells lies and his nose grows. His nose broked causing itself to choke Lorenzini. He puked the two out before he collapsed from choking on the broken nose.